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There are several good reason why. .

As the title of this blog states, there are several good reasons why . . . . .  you will not find this type of lock box on any of our active listings. First and foremost, these type of lockboxes are NOT secure. A prospective buyer could have the opportunity to see the code written down, or even punched in at a listing appointment. Secondly, we cannot monitor the activity on it. Anyone who may have seen the code entered could access the property and we would have no way of knowing who or when they entered.  This could be potentially dangerous if
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Affective August 1, 2015: Changes to Mortgage Financing & Reporting

Just when we think that we have everything down pat, we find out that things are about to change.  So, here we go again.  On August 1, the way that most residential mortgage loans are closed across the country will drastically change. A new rule from the new consumer protection agency created by Congress after the financial crisis, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (“CFPB”), will take affect on that day. Because of this Rule, there will be changes to the Loan Application Process, Changes to Closings, and to the Disclosures.  Some of those changes that will affect the purchaser are:
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Why on earth would anyone want to move here?

We know that our listings are not what is going to bring you to the Upstate of South Carolina.  It’s going to be our low cost of living, lower property taxes, warmer weather, our georgious lakes, beautiful golf courses, close proximity to the mountains of NC, SC, and GA, sporting events of all sorts, theatres, the arts, southern cuisine, and so much more!  These are just some of the reasons that you may want to make the upstate your new home. Of course, we have some beautiful homes, so check them out through our website or do not hesitate to
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