There are several good reason why. .

As the title of this blog states, there are several good reasons why . . . . .  you will not find this type of lock box on any of our active listings. First and foremost, these type of lockboxes are NOT secure. A prospective buyer could have the opportunity to see the code written down, or even punched in at a listing appointment. Secondly, we cannot monitor the activity on it. Anyone who may have seen the code entered could access the property and we would have no way of knowing who or when they entered.  This could be potentially dangerous if the home is occupied, since the agent showing may not know their prospective buyer all that well.  Not only that, but if these type lockboxes are used on vacant property it would be easier for someone to access the property to steal or cause damage.

THERE IS A BETTER WAY! We are living in the age of technology, so there is a much better option.  Electronic lockboxes. With the use of an electronic lockbox we know that only “licensed” Realtors®, home inspectors, termite inspectors, and/or appraisers have authorization to access the property.  And, we know when the lockbox is accessed and by whom. Therefore, the risk is much less. If they don’t have an electronic keypad or the appropriate app on their smartphone, they cannot gain access. Why would anyone use a coded lock box?  I can’t figure it out!  We never want to put our clients or their belongings at risk or in harms way, so you will not find anything but electronic lock boxes on our active listings.

The only time that we may make an exception is if the home is being renovated in preparation of listing it. This is especially true if there are several contractors involved.  This just makes it easier for them to access the property so they can get to work day after day. That is it! Once the renovations are finished, the coded lock box is removed and an electronic one goes on the door at the time of listing. We take this very seriously!

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